International Womans Day


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Interactive Banner

International Women’s Day, the goal was to bring to light the work that Kiva has been doing in supporting women worldwide, by emphasizing the fact that supporting women is a job we do every day — and thus for us, it is Business As Usual, or as the campaign hashtag read #businessasusual.

For this project, we partnered with designer Ash Trowel. Together, we built a campaign that grabs the viewer’s attention with a one-hundred-percent illustration-based art, a dramatic contrast to the stale campaigns pushed by most non-profits.

At its core, the campaign was about showing dignity, emotion, and celebration. It used a straightforward illustration style based on mono-weight strokes and color halftones, to create emotional, evocative portraits of women from all over the world, standing tall, cheerful, radiant. Showing the everyday strength of the women in Kiva’s network.

I was inspired by what people wrote on our interactive banner and decided to continue the campaign creating mini banner imagers, scanning, and featuring some of the things people wrote. We used these graphics throughout the next few months to share and remind the audience what a powerful woman is.

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